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Tech Reformers provides services to enable you to effectively measure, manage and remediate risks. Our cybersecurity assessment S2:School from Security Studio uses established security and risk frameworks (e.g. NIST) to identify risk in four areas. District IT and other leaders provide evidence that standards are met. Therefore, the assessment will help meet expectations for an audit for security.

Watch a 20-min demo of the Security Studio Platform.

We build a comprehensive roadmap to secure your district so you can plan for improvement. A solid cybersecurity foundation is necessary for digital transformation, local and cloud infrastructure, and both classroom and remote learning.

We help prioritize changes that increase your districts’ information security the most, with the least effort.

“I found the risk assessment to be the most comprehensive yet easily understood assessment I’ve been involved in”

Patrick Painschab, Senior IT Security Analyst

Measure ALL of your information security

Unlike most security assessments ours accounts for far more than just your external technical controls.

“(This) is a terrific resource for performing an overall assessment of our information security program. It was great. I ask a lot of these questions myself but it was excellent to have them in the system there for my colleagues and other business units to evaluate for themselves. It’s fantastic that it puts a numerical value to the results to truly illustrate to those outside of the InfoSec community where we stand. The whole S2SCORE concept should be an industry standard.”

Branden Wagner, IT Security Manager

Take our free starter assessment to gauge where your district scores on Security Studio’s framework-aligned assessment.

This risk assessment is an opportunity for education organizations to conduct a preliminary self-evaluation of their cybersecurity risk and does not constitute an endorsement of a specific vendor or product.

This assessment is free and vendor-neutral. Unlike traditional industry risk assessments, it incorporates topics specific to the K12 environment such as educational technology and remote learning. Additionally, the tool itself is an educational tool. Each question has a user-friendly explanation.

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